All in Check In

The Catch You Up episode all about 1965's "The Great Race" will have to wait to cross the finish line. I expect it to be out by the end of the week at the latest. Thank you for understanding... and go watch it if you haven't seen it before!

Hi there everybody. I have no movie to share on this episode. Instead I wanted to wish my fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving and to those from other countries, my best wishes. I will be back on Monday December third with a very special episode of Catch YOU Up where I'll flip the script and have a guest watch a movie that I have seen that THEY haven't. And in the process, you'll find out what could very well be my favorite Christmas movie. I'll warn you, it is in black and white and now that I've said that, it's probably not what you're thinking about. And it's not that one, either.